INTERVIEW: Fedde Le Grand at Tomorrowland

INTERVIEW: Fedde Le Grand at Tomorrowland

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Fedde Le Grand has been a significant part of dance music for years now, and is responsible for many of the most beloved club anthems. He continues to make his fans happy by producing numerous original tracks, remixing many popular radio tracks, and touring the world, playing at the most prominent festivals and clubs. 

Fedde recently played the main stage at Tomorrowland in Belgium, where we caught up with him. He talked to us about his new music, who he grew up listening to, and more! Check it out below:

What you think of Tomorrowland?

It’s awesome. Every detail is there, the people there are just literally from all around the world. This is what a festival should be like, you know, it’s absolutely amazing. And I played it a few times before but this was the first time on main stage, so I can cross that off my list, which is just great! So I’m a happy happy camper.

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What do you think Tomorroworld will be like?

I hope something like this, and I think they’ll pull it off. I think they made such a good name for themselves, so I just hope that people will take the effort from all over the world and travel down, and just party.

Tell us about your collab "Lion (Feel The Love)" with Michael Calfan?

Well actually, I've always admired his productions - I hope it’s vice versa. But actually, he hit me up on email and he said "you know I’ve got this track that I’m working on, could you check it out, maybe it’s something we could do together," and I was like "wow, that’s really cool!" So, I sent him my ideas. And actually the weird thing [is] I haven’t even met him yet, so it’s just over the internet going back and forth. But I’m super super happy with the track. And I think he is too.

You also have another track with Sultan + Ned Shepard, "No Good," and that was a track that was made famous by the Prodigy. Are you a Prodigy fan?

Yeah! I grew up on Prodigy, Faithless, Daft Punk, Underworld, you know Basement Jaxx, all those guys. And to me, they are still legends. So you know it’s funny sometimes things just come together. We were working on a track together, and I think Ned actually found this old disco record that they sample as well, that has the “no good” sample. I was like "man, this is just too good" you know, let’s just basically do a remix because I think it’s also cool to do a remix every now and then that people might’ve forgot about or not everyone knows. You know, there are so many new people in this scene, so I think it’s cool to let them know that the old stuff is still very cool. 

If you had your own land what would you name it?

My own land, it would probably be something very nerdy like PlayStationLand or something. Something very nerdy.

Check out Fedde's set from the Tomorrowland main stage below!


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