A Porcupine Falls on Woman's Head!

A Porcupine Falls on Woman's Head!

(PTI New York) - Talk about a bad hair day - ouch!

A 52-year-old Brazilian woman landed in hospital after a porcupine fell on her head, leaving 200 sharp quills in her scalp. Sandra Nabucco was walking her dog in Gavea, south of Rio de Janeiro when a porcupine fell on her head and stuck her with hundreds of quills in her scalp.

The animal, which can have up to 30,000 quills, is believed to have fallen from a lamppost.

"It was a huge shock. I felt a thud on my head and then felt spines with my hands. The pain was enormous," Nabucco told Globo newspaper.

Nabucco had to pay a visit to the hospital where a surgeon removed the quills one by one with tweezers.

The woman is now taking antibiotics to prevent any infection, 'New York Daily News' reported.

"I am a strong woman; an old person or child would have died. I also care about the animals," Nabucco said.